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Form 5 ә
Open Iesson
The theme of the lesson :What s your mother like?
The aim lesson: To pupil about adjective.
1.Educational: Pupils thinking about adjective
2.Upbringing:Learn by heart the new words.
Aids of the lesson: Cards, pictures end etc.
Begin the lesson.
Organization moment.
T:Good afternoon pupils!
P:Good afternoon teacher.
T:How are you?

P:We are fine .thank you , and you .
T I am so – so ,sit down please .
To check hometask learn by heart Exercise 2
New words
Beautiful – сұлу , әдемі
Nice – әдемі , тамаша
Handsome – әдемі , сұлу
Tall – ұзын
Short – қысқа
Fat – толы , майлы
Thin – жіңішке , арық
Strict – қатал
Kind – жомарт , ақкөңіл
To do exercise
Calor ; Whats your mathers name ?
Asel ;Alma.
A ;thinking about adjective.
The positive degree The comparative degree The superlative degree
Short- shoter the shotest
Happy happier the happiest
Quick quicker the quickest
Where use-more and most
Interesting more interesting the most interesting

Good,well better the best
Bad,badly worse the worst
Many,much more the most
Little less the least
Far further the furthest..
Exercise.3.Rigt or wrong.
A.Asels mothers name is Alma.She is tall.She is youing.She is fat.She is not beautiful.sheis strict.?
Exercise.4.Anser the question about Asels mother.
1.Whats her name?
2.How old are she?
3.Is she beautiful?.
4.Is she fat?
5.Is she kind?
6.Is she tall?
Exercise.9.Tell your friend about your mother.
My father is -----------------------------------------------.
She is -----------------------------------------------------------.
B.Write opposites of the following words.
Learn by heart the proverbs
Better to do well,than to say well.
Better than never.
Easer said.than done.
Hometask.exercise.10.B.Put the right words.
Saying good bye.lesson the over.

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