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Open lesson.
The theme of the lesson.Travelling light!
The theme of the leeson.Camping holiday.,pictures.
Organization moment.
Teacher.Good after noon pupils.
Pupils.Good afternoon teacher.
Tefcher.How are you?
We are all right ok sit down please

New theme we have 2 groups they are
First flowers rose mag tulip second group
Camping holiday document equipment
Money ete greetings
Flowers rose –my colour is a ret
White morag –my name is mag .my colour is a
Red ,w hite tulip – my name is tulikp.
My colour is a red… camping holiday .
Clothing .
Proverbs . one bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Ортақ өгізден оңаша бұзау артық.
A drawing man will catch at a straw – суға кеткен тал қармайды.
А friend in need is a friend indeed – бітер істің басына жақсы келер қасына
Grammar: Antonyms words
Camping holiday Hometash:
Trekking – саяхат
Sky - tours – Тауда шаңғы тебу
Mountain behind – Тауға шығу
Snowmobiling – Тауға көлікпен шығу
Answer the question We need these things heavier
A watch - сағат
Rucksaek – рюкзак
Too thpast – тіс пастасы
Iron - үтік
Umbrella –қолшатыр
Bag – сумка
Game «Fruit»
1. An apple – алма - bluer
2. Pear – груша – yellow
3. Carbage – капуста – blue
4. Carrot – сәбіз – yellow
5. Tomato – қызанақ – red
6. Potato – картоп – yellow
What has for legs but can walk?
(a table )
Tims father is Alfs son
What relation is tim to Alf?
( Grandson)
This is a house
Whith one window in it
It shows films
Every minute
( Television)
Patterns жаңылтпаш
One black bleed only blak blood
Hometask.Exercise.2.Complete the sentences.
Saying good-bye.Lesson the over.

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