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Schools in Kazakhstan

Schools in Kazakhstan

Ақтөбе облысы Шалқар қаласы
№2 мектеп-гимназиясының
ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі
Кеулімжаева Базаркүл Елеуқызы

The 8 th form
The theme: Schools in Kazakhstan
The objectives:
1. to increase pupils’ word-stock with the help of new words
2. to challenge pupils to use active vocabulary through a number of speech exercises based on new theme
3. to develop their thinking abilities and oral speech
4. to teach them to love their school and their teachers
Visual aids used at the lesson :
1. Testing cards to each pupil
2. The Interactive board
Technology: Game elements at the English lesson.
Methods: Question -answer, illustrative method.

The outline of the lesson:
I. The beginning of the lesson, short conversation with pupils T- Cl
II. Checking of the home task:
a) Exercises IV page 105
b) Checking up pupils’ active vocabulary through guessing the crossword. T1-P2-P3-P4-Etc.
III. Introduction of new theme: Schools in Kazakhstan
a) Associations to the theme Schools
b) Classroom Exercise I page 106 – read and translate one by one.
c) Classroom Exercise II page 107- answer the questions according to the text.
d) Work with interactive board: Look at the picture and answer the questions given below the picture.
IV. Intellectual game ”Make me true “
V. Classroom Exercise III page 107 ( in a written form ) Fill in the correct prepositions. T-P1|-P2-P3-Etc.
VI. Guessing – game Exercise (If you complete it right, you’ll read the right information about the school system in our country)
VII. Consolidation Test(10 questions ) slide
VIII. Conclusion : Proverbs and poems about schools, teachers and education. Work with interactive board. Find three proverbs in English, Russian and Kazakh. And then recite your poems in any language you like.
IX. Marks. Home task for the next lesson.
X. The end of the lesson.

The course of the lesson:
I. T: Good morning! I'm glad to see you. Let's begin our lesson.
II. At the beginning of the lesson let us check your home task:
a) T: Let’s revise the active vocabulary taken at the previous lesson and check its writing through guessing the crossword. It’ll be the word
– School – in it’s bottom. Slide-1.
III. The theme of our today’s lesson “Schools in Kazakhstan”
a)What words come to your mind when you hear the word – School- . Slide-2.
P-1: Knowledge
P-2: Teachers
P-3: Pupils
P-4: Subjects
P-5: Lessons. Etc. P1-P2-P3-Etc.
b)T: Yes, you are right. There are many schools in our country but today we’ll speak about the primary school. Let’s read and translate the text of Exercise I page 106 “My primary school “ P1-P2-P3-Etc.
c) Classroom Exercise II page 107 in a written form. Slide-3.
(Answer the questions according to the text)
1.What age did Aidar start school at?
2.When did he go to secondary school?
3.How many years of study do primary and secondary schools comprise?
4.How many years of study are compulsory in our republic?
5.When does the school year begin and end?
6.What holidays do you have every year?
7.How long does every lesson last? P1-P2-P3-Etc.

d) Look at the blackboard and answer the questions given below the picture of our school- gymnasium number 2.Slide-4. P1-P2-P3-Etc.

IV. Now let’s play intellectual game “ Make me true“ Your task is to make the false statements true. Slide-5.
- Astana is the capital of Russia.
P-1: No, it’s false because Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. Etc.
V.T: Look through the text and do Exercise III page 107 in a written form.(Fill in the correct prepositions ) P1-P2-P3-Etc.Slide-6.
1. Astana is the capital -–- Kazakhstan.
2. I started school ---------the age of seven.
3. Nine years ------classes are compulsory.
4. Our school year usually begins----------the first ------September.
5. ----------the first of September we get acquainted------------our teachers.
VI. T; Are you tired? Let’s play guessing game. If you complete it right, you’ll read the right information about the school system of our country. P1-P2-P3-Etc.Slide-7.
VII. T: Today we take full information about the primary school and now let’s do the test out of 10 questions according to today’s lesson.
(Testing cards to each pupil).

Test. Slide – 8.

1. After-------- years of primary school we went to secondary school.
a) six b) five c) four
2. Орта мектеп
a) Primary school b) Secondary school c) Modern school

3. My favourite subjects--------- Kazakh, Russian and English.
a) am b) is c) are
4. Our school year begins ----------- the first -----September.
a) on/of b) at/in c) by/for
5. The school year in our country ends in ----------- .
a) September b) June c) May
6. Pupils have ------------- holidays a year.
a) 4 b) 5 c) 3
7. Nine years of classes are -------------- in our country.
a) ordinary b) compulsory c) secondary
8. Every lesson lasts -------- minutes.
a) thirty b) fifty five c) forty five
9. Оқу жоспары
a) curriculum b) comprise c) compulsory
10. Primary and secondary schools together comprise ---------years of study.
a) ten b) eleven c) twelve

Answers : Slide- 9.
1- C 2- B 3- C 4- A 5-C 6- A 7-B 8- C 9- A 10-B
VIII.T: Let’s conclude our lesson with proverbs and short poems about school, knowledge and teachers. First, look at the interactive board and do the following task. Find three proverbs in English, Russian and Kazakh. And then recite your poems in any language you like. Slide- 10.

P-1: The school
The school has doors that open wide
And friendly teachers wait inside
Hurry, hurry, let’s go in.
For soon the lessons will begin.
Books and pencils I will need,
When I start to write and read,
Lots to learn and lots to do
I like to go to school, don’t you?

P-2: Ұстаз бізді білім беріп өсірген
Қатемізді әрқашанда кешірген
«Өмір жолы-қиын жол» деп әрдайым
Тәрбиелеп, ақылды ғып өсірген.
Анамдайсыз, менің асыл ұстазым,
Өтті бізбен көктем, күз бен қыс, жазың
Жылдар бойы тәрбиелеп, аялап,
Болашаққа байтақ бір жол нұсқадың.
Ұстаз болу – жүректің батырлығы,
Ұстаз болу – сезімнің ақындығы,
Ұстаз болу – мінездің күн шуағы,
Азбайтұғын адамның алтындығы.

P-3: Как люблю я школу, мама!
Утром шумною гурьбой
В класс приходит самый-самый…
Этот класс – конечно мой.

Нет на свете школы краше:
Здесь уютно и тепло.
И с учительницей нашей
Нам, признаюсь, повезло.
Не ругается сердито,
Даже если ставит «два»,
А покажет деловито,
Где ошибка, нам сама.
Пусть уроков в школе много,
Одолеем, не беда!
Начинаются с порога
Наши школьные года...

IX. Thanks to all of you. Your marks for today’s lesson are. . .
X. T: Stand up. Our lesson is over. You are free. Good bye!