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Music keeps me happy!

Music keeps me happy!

 Music keeps me happy!

                     Theme:  Music keeps me happy!

The aim of the lesson: Pupils can know music in Britain and speak in                            English, answer the questions each other.

Task: 1 Bound by meaning. Reading the text, open the meaning. Make up sentences and learn to speak.

2 Develop RWCT. Pupils investigate grammar structure.

       3. Work with group. They can work with a small group and

 do conclusion answer the question of another group.

Visual aids: Book, picture, crossword, cards.

Strategy: Semantic map, Venn diagram, question-answer.

Mark: Answer of group in written form.

                                        Point of the lesson

  1. Evocation.

How do you think, what do people like doing in their free time? As for me I like reading and listening to music. What about you? What do you like doing in your free time?

  • I like listen to music.

That`s why our new theme is `Music keeps me happy`. We`ll read the dialogue between Bob and Sue and translate it.  And the next part B.

Who act roles Eddie and Jane?

                           2. Realizition.

 Everybody look at the blackboard. What kind of music do you know?

Pupils, look at these instruments. What are they? What names are these instruments?   They are: drum, harmony, saxophonist, piano. There are some questions under these instruments.


1. Do you like listen to music?

2. Do you know Kazakh singers and American singers?

3. Who is your favourite  singer?

4. What instrument can you play?

5. Can you listen music all day ?

Ex 3. A. Read about Sue and translate it.

         B. Read about Sue`s grandmother and translate it.

Do you agree with Sue?

     Do you agree with her grandmother?

    Ex5. Talk about these questions with another student.

   Do you think many young  people are like Sue?

   Is it a bad thing to listen to music all the time? Why / not/?

   Are you like Sue? Is anyone in your family like Sue`s grandmother?

    Game: Find the words in the chart.

     Rock, concert, classical, jazz, music, pop, saxophonist, guitar, orchestra, piano.

III. Reflection.

 Our the next task is ‘ Differences and Similarites’.

   You must write about Kazakh and American music. What do you know about it?