Kazakhstan is my Motherland

The theme: Kazakhstan is my Motherland
The aims of the lesson:
educational: to enrich pupili knowledge about Kazakhstan
to teach to work creatively, to educate the respect and interest in different countries
developing:to develop pupil’s habits and skills in speaking, listening and reading, writing
bringing up: to bring up pupils to be patriots of their motherland, to love their country and to make
great efforts in the development of the country.

Type of the lesson: Revision lesson
Method: question – answer, group work
Inter subject connection: Kazakh, geography, history
Visual aids: State symbols, map of the Kazakhstan, crosswords. Pictures of the writers, alcyns etc.

Автор: Матжанова Айымгуль Хизатовна

Атырау облысы, Атырау қаласы №32 орта мектебі


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