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Form: 6 “Б”
Theme: Holidays
The aims of the lesson:
Educational: Развивать коммуникативные умения учащихся, навыки употребления изученных структур и лексики, навыки чтения и аудирования по теме “Праздник”.
Developing: Активировать в речи учащихся Present Simple, Present Progressive, Present Perfect.
Bringing – up: Воспитывать уважения к другим народам, желания узнать о жизни других людей, их обычиях и традициях.
The type of the lesson: New lesson
The visual aids: pictures
Inter subjects connection: Russian language

The procedure of the lesson.

I. Organization moment:
1) Беседа с дежурным
2) Обьяыление цели и задачи
Today we’ll speak about holidays. We’ll read listen to the texts and retell them. You’ll do some exercises, ask and answer the questions.
Now, let’s divided into 2 teams.
1) Snowman
2) Snowflake

Warm up.
Write in alphabetical order.

1) holiday 6) present 11) send
2) sweet 7) party 12) flower
3) banana 8) snowman 13) sledge
4) skate 9) ski 14) hockey
5) celebrate 10) chocolate

Noun Adjective Verb Preposition

Divided into 4 groups

Choose the right form of verbs.

1) Boys and girls ___ basketball every day.
a) are playing c) played
b) play d) have played

2) She ___ in the sea now.
a) swim c) swam
b) has swum d) is swimming

3) I ___ the letter to my friend yesterday.
a) wrote c) was writing
b) write d) shall write

4) He was sad because he ___ the key.
a) has lost c) had lost
b) lost d) have lost

II. Presentation.

1) Vocabulary and pronunciation p 109

decorate – украшать trick – хитрость, трюк
chimney – дымовая труба threat - угроза
celebrate – праздновать roast - жареный
neighbour – сосед turkey – индюк
costume – костюм, одежда pie - пирог, пирожное
quest –гость sock - носки
knock - стучать stoking – чулки
sign – подписывать

2) Read. Match the British holidays and the information. Ex 2 (a) p 108.

Когда англичане отмечают эти праздники.
Halloween The fourth Thursday in November
New Year February 14
Christmas Day December 31/ January 1
Thanksgiving day March 17
St. Valentine’s Day October 31
St. Patrick’s Day December 25

a) People eat chocolate eggs at …

1) New Year 2) Christmas 3) Easter

b) American celebrate Halloween on the 31st of …

1) December 2) October 4) January

c) Farther Christmas puts the present …

1) On the chair 2) into the stocking 3) under the Christmas tree

d) In American people speak …

1) German 2) Russian 3) English

IV. Students activity
Let’s play game.
Snowflake – руки в сторону, ноги на ширину плеч
Snowdrift – присесть
Snowball – ладонями показывать шар
Snowman – подняв руки в вверх, показывать большой круг.

Let’s give gifts.
- I want to give you a box of sweets.
a) Trick or treat Maze.
b) Christmas Maze.
Can you find the way from the bedroom to the Christmas tree?
c) Colour Santa Clause.

V. Evaluation.
VI. Home task

VI. Conclusion.

Автор: Бактыбаева Фатима Нагметовна

Ақмола облысы, Целиноград ауданы, Р.Қошқарбаев ауылы, № 43 орта мектебі


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