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He is Russian

He is Russian

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Сыныбы: 5"Б
Тақырыбы: He is Russian
Мақсаты: 1. Білімділік: Ел аттарын және кімнің қай елден
келгенін сұрауды үйрету. Аңдардың және олардың
қай елдерде мекендейтінін үйрету.
2. Дамытушылы: Ойлау қабілеттерін дамыту. Сөздік
қорын молайту
3. Тәрбиелілігі: Елді-мекенді сүюге, құрмет
Сабақ әдісі: Сұрақ-жауап
Сабақ типі: аралас
Көрнекілігі: Интерактивті тақта, слайдттар, видео-роллик, тақырыптық ойыншықтар
Пән аралық байланыс: қазақ тілі, география, ән
Procedure of the lesson.
I. Organization moment
Teacher: Good afternoon
Pupils: Good afternoon, good afternoon
Good afternoon to you
Good afternoon dear teacher,
We are glad to see you.
- Let’s start our lesson.
- Who’s on duty today? (I’m on duty today)
- Who is absent? (All are present)
- That’s nice.
II. Checking the home task up.
1. To write a dialogue and to learn the new words
III. The new theme of the lesson
Our today's new theme is He is Russian. We'll today learn and speak about different countries and nationalaties and living in the countries. Look at the world map and repeat. Let’s translate.
1. the USA
2. Kazakhstan
3. India
4. Spain
5. France
6. Germany
7. Great Britain
8. Italy
9. Korea
10. Turkey
11. China
12. Japan
IV. Presentation
- Now, look at the active board. You can see the pictures. What kind of nationalities do you know? Let’s say.
V. Practice
In order to check your understanding let’s play a matching game. On the right side on the board you can see the names of the countries, on the left the names of nationalities.
VI. time to rest.
Look at these video and sing altogether
Work with active vocabulary
- Very well. Once again look at the board, you can see the animals. Repeat after me their names.
- camels
- tigers
- bears
- elephants
- giraffes
- zebras
- monkeys
(On the board the structure of Present Simple tense is given)
T: Where do camels come from?
S: They come from Kazakhstan.
Work in pairs and ask each other where the animals come from.
VII. A game.
- On the desks you can see the pictures of animals. Your task is to put the picture to the country they come from.
VIII. Production.
- Just now I want you to do the following tasks, the first one is to write a short dialogue about famous people all over the world using the present tense.
IX. Home task
Write the countries in your vocabulary copy-books, learn the key words by heart, make a short story about such animals as panda, koala, kangaroo and etc.
X. Assessment and the end of the lesson.
- I’m satisfied with your work today. I suppose you can easily recognize people of other nationalities and what country they come from.
- Give me your record book, I’ll put down your marks.
- The lesson is over.
- Stand up, please
Jump up high
Wave your hand
And say “Good bye.

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