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A part time job

A part time job

9 grade

The theme of the lesson: A part time job
The aim of the lesson:Educational: to continue the development of speaking and reading skills, to pay attention to their pronunciation to teach work creatively
Developing: to continue the development of thinking, memory, to improve the experience of speaking skills, translating:
Bringing -up: To teach pupils to be attentive to each other. to practice in oral speech, to help pupils’ in choosing of future job.
Methods of teaching: RWCT, question-answer, group work, individual work
Type of the lesson: mixed
Inter subject connection: Kazakh, Russian
Equipment: diagram, interactive-board, slides, tables
Procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment
- Good morning, children! How are you?
- Good morning, teacher! We are fine! And how are you?
- I am fine and glad to see you.
- We are glad to see you too.
II. Brainstorming ‘ Magic stick’
Before we pass to our main topic I’ll give you magic stick I’d like to know what you remember about jobs.
Student 1: My mother has a full-time job. She works 8 hours a day.
Student 2: Children all over the world have part-time jobs.
Student 3: In Kazakhstan children get a part-time job such as delivering newspapers at the age of 14 onwards.
Student 4: I have read that teachers are the best-paid in Denmark.
Student 5: Being responsible is the most important thing in a job.
Student 6: Getting good pay is the most important thing in a job too.
Student 7: Do you know that … a dustman in New York earns more money than an army general in India.
Student 8: I think getting job satisfaction means to have an interesting job
II. III. Checking the home task
Draw a diagram ex 6
A new lesson
A part-time job
Teacher: The theme of our lesson is «A part- time job». You know that a lot of children all over the world have part-time jobs. At what age can children get a part-time job in our country?

Student: Children can get a part-time job at the age of 14 in our country. It doesn’t take place in school hours. It doesn’t involve lifting or carrying anything heavy. Nobody can leave school before their sixteenth birthday.

III.- In the UK young people can work part time if they want to, but they have to be 13 or over. The most popular job is delivering newspapers, but you have to have permission from your parents, your doctor and your school. A typical newspaper round lasts an hour and you can earn 6 to 9 a week. You have to work six days a week but you don’t have to work on Sunday.
IV.-[color=red] I have some job adverts from British newspapers. Read them and try to complete this table. You can work in pairs. I give you 2 minutes.[/color]
A. WAITER/WAITRESS wanted for a small cafe, on Saturday and Sunday mornings from8 till 12. Uniforms : Black trousers and a white shirt .Must be friendly and clean. Non-smokers only, please. We pay $ 15 Phone 023345882
B. EARLY MORNING cleaners wanted in Poole area, must be over 18. Uniforms: Start at 6.00 a.m. $20 a day Contact (07903)3224.
C. CALLING ALL KIDS! We want you Baby-sitter. You must be honest and hard-working, You don’t have to work full time, and we pay well. No special time.
Phone 678 3452.
D. Odeon cinema needs young people to sell programmers and ice cream. You must be smart and clean (you don’t have to wear a uniform); you mustn’t be late or sit and watch the films. Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2 till 6 o’clock. We pay $ 15
Telephone 02231 4657.
V. Children, tell me please which job do you want to have?
- And can you do it right now. (You are still students and have no special knowledge and qualification)

Start Finish Salary/money Uniform Working days

VI. Group work. Fortune teller. Now children look at the blackboard and what can you see. Write similar story about children jobs
VII.Answer the questions
1. What is her name? Her name is Jennifer
2. How much she is get ? she gets 60§ every week
3. What does she do? She is a deliver letters
4. What is her job?
5. Is she like her job? Yes she is. She likes her job.
6. How many days a week does she work? 3 days a week
7. How old is she? She is 16
VIII.Conclusion of the lesson Writing a sinkwein poem.
1. Noun
2. Adjective
3. Verbs
4. Word
5. Synonym of noun
Caring, attentive
Examines, treats, cures
Helps people
IX.Giving marks
X.Homework Unit 6. Step 3. write essay about jobs.
T: Thanks a lot for your work at the lesson. I enjoyed it.

The end of the lesson

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Teacher: Zhumagalieva D