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The 20th of December
What’s the best thing?

The aims of the lesson:
Educational: to encourage students in different tasks and to express their opinions, to enrich students’ vocabulary, to help pupils speaking and listening.
Developing: to develop pupils’ creative, understanding, reading and writing, grammar lexical skills.
Bringing-up: to bring-up love and interest to the subject and language.
The plan of the lesson
I. Organization moment
II. Repeat previous lesson
III. New lesson
IV. Pronounciation practice
V. Work with tasks
VI. Conclusion

I. Organization moment
Good morning, children! How are you? Take your seats, please! I’m glad to see you today at the lesson.
Who is on duty today?
What date s it today?
What is the day of the week today?
Who is absent?
Are you ready for the lesson?
Let’s start our lesson.
II. First of all we need repeat the previous lessons.
1. What is your hobby?
2. Translate into English “театр”
3. Say about “some, any”
4. What problems have in Astana?
5. What kind of favourite places do you know in London?
6. Say about “much, many, a lot of”
7. Say about “countable, uncountable nouns”

III. Let’s play the game Triangle
You must choose one of this apples and answer it.
1. How ald are you?
2. What kind of subjects do you like?
3. When we use “some”?
4. Say some example for comparative degrees
5. Say some example for superlative dagrees
6. Numerals
7. Demonstrative pronoun (this, that, these, those)
8. What kind of favourite plaes do you know in Astana?
IV. New theme
What’s the best thing?
Do you know about comparison of degrees?
Comparative adjectives
Сын есімнің шырайлары
Жай шырай Салыстырмалы шырай Күшейтпелі шырай
Бір буынды сын есім cheap
big cheaper
bigger the cheapest
the smallest
the biggest
У әрпімен аяқталатын сын есімдер dirty
the dirtiest
the earliest
Көп буынды сын еімдер expensive
polluted more expensive
more important
more polluted the most expensive
the most important
the most polluted
Бұрыс ын есімдер good
many better
more the best
the worst
the most

V. Work with the book
Ex: 1 oral translation
Ex: 2 work with the copy-book
Ex: 3 oral translation
Ex: work with the board
VI. Who is the fastest?
VII. Conclusion
Ex: 5.6
Marking pupils
The end of the lesson

Я. Есенбеков атындағы жалпы орта мектеп коммуналдық мемлекеттік мекемесі
Тақырыбы: What’s the best thing?
Оңтүстік Қазақстан облысы, Мақтарал ауданы, Я.Есенбеков атындағы жалпы орта мектебі коммуналдық мемлекеттік мекемесі
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