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№2 мектеп-гимназияның
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The work out the 5 a form.
The theme: Join the Smile Club.
I.Objectives:1.taking new theme and grammar,revise the vocabulary
2.develop pupils’ reading,writing habits and skills,pratisegrammar,motivate
and stimulate pupils’ ideas.
3.bring up their interests by doing various types of exercises,respect each
Language material: Join the Smile Ciub. Exercises 1,2,3,4.p 33-35
Visual aids: Interactive board,cards.
The methods: group and individual work,guestion and answer.
The type: new lesson
Intersubjective link:Kazakh,music
The outline of the lesson.
І. Organisation moment
ІІ.Checking up the home task
ІІІ Presentation of the new lesson
ІV Practise. Grammar and vocabulary
V Production .Text
VІ Conclusion
VІІ Home work
VІІІ Marks
The procedure of the lesson.
І.Organisation moment
Greeting with the pupils
ІІ.Checking up the home work
1.revision of the vocabulary
Next week-
Next month-
Pupils what is the weather like today?
Today is sunny and warm.
3. Text “Louis Braille
1. What was the story about?
2. What was the boy’s name?
3. What happened to Louis?
4. What kind of school did he go?
5. What did he invent.
He invented letters from dots.
He was very talented boy.
ІІІ.Presentation of the new lesson.
1. Now,pupils Let’s solve the crossword.
1.What is the antonym of the cloudy
2 жылы
3 we take umbrellas wite you
4 What is the antonym of the sunny
5 Жарқырау.
S u n n y
w a r m
r a i n
c l o u d y
s h i n e

What word in the bottom of the crossword.