Сайт учителя начальных классов
5-th form .
The theme:They are cutting trees
The objectives: to develop pupils’ speaking, reading, writing and singing abilities;
to enrich their word – stock and train them in Grammar;
to bring them up to be good to nature and love it.
Intersubjective link: Music, Russian, Kazakh.
Visual aids used at the lesson: cards, pictures in slides.
The outline:
I.The beginning of the lesson:greeting, etc .
Warming – up Exercise 1
Spring is green
Summer is bright
Autumn is yellow
Winter is white.
I. Introduction of the new theme“They are cutting the trees”.
a) New words
b) Grammar “ The formation of Present Progressive tense”
II. Classroom Exercise 2. “ What’s happening around the world?”
III. Let us Read and work on the text of Exercise 7 “The world is beautiful “
cool True or false
c) Find sentences with Present Progressive tense
d) Game “Why…?...because… .”
IV. Answer the questions:
What should we do or shouldn’t do in order to help the nature?
V. Conclusion. Song. Marks.
Home task: Ex 2,7.
VI. The end of the lesson .
The course ofthe lesson:

I. Good morning! Let’s begin the lesson. Children, be more active at the lesson and try to show your knowledge of three languages.
II. a) T: How many seasons are there in a year? What season is it now!
b) Spring is green
Summer is bright
Autumn is yellow
Winter is white.
III. New theme : They are cutting the trees.
T: Children, before talking the new theme, let’s take the new words and be acquainted with the formation of the Present Progressive tense.
a) am I-am
is + V ing He, she, it – is
are We, they, you – are.
b) Fill in the gaps with auxiliary verbs– am, is, are-
I - , you - , he - , she - ,
We -, it-, they-.
He - , she-, I-, We-
You - , it-, that’s all!
c) Let’s sing it on the melody of Russian song “В лесу родилась елочка”
d) New words:
Cut [knt] – кесу
Pollute [pәlju:t] – ластау
Burn [bә:n] – өртеу
Kill [kil]-өлтіру
Dump [dnmp]- лақтыру, тастау
Rubbish [‘rnbis] – қоқыс.
IV. A) Classroom Exercise 2 page 138 in a written form.
T: Look at the pictures of Ex.2 and write What’s happening ? using Present Progressive tense.
P1: They are burning the trees.
P2: Someone is polluting water.
P3: Factories are polluting air.
P4:Oil is killing birds.
P5:People are cutting the forest.