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Competition - matinee :

Who is the best and the quickest?

1. to teach pupils to work hard and creatively at each task
2. to activise and develop different kinds of abilities such as reciting, speaking and thinking
3. to develop pupils’ love and respectability to the native language and the languages of different countries.

The outline:
1. Teacher's introductory word.

The first round:
2. Recite poems about Motherland, native language in Kazakh Russian and English.

The second round:
3. Listen to the riddles in English about wild and domestic animals, guess what animal it is and give its translation in Kazakh and Russian languages.

The third round:
4. Continue my rhyme if you may

The fourth round: Polyglot
5. You should read and guess riddles in Kazakh and give their equivalents in Russian and English

6. Conclusion

The course of the competition:

T: Good afternoon, dear friends!
You are welcome to our competition- matinee Who is the best and the quickest? which is held between the pupils of the 5th grade "a"
You must show your knowledge of English, Russian and Kazakh, and be more active and attentive doing this or that task.
Our today's competition consists of several tasks such as recite poems, guess riddles, continue and make up a Rhyme, etc.

Let's begin the 1st round: recite your favorite poems

P1I love my native language
I love it very much
I want it to be spoken
All over the world today.

P2Отанымменің - Қазақстан
Отаным менің - Қазақстан
Өзіңмен әр кез шаттанам.