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The theme of the lesson “ Two languages are two wings”.
Aims of the lesson: to test the knowledge of words, telling about yourself, to develop skills of answering questions.

1. Organization moment.
2. T: Good- afternoon, dear guests! You are welcome to our lesson. Children in all countries like reciting poems and singing songs. Today you can learn a lot of interesting things about children’s poems and songs.

Show- host 1. Good –afternoon, good –afternoon !
Good- afternoon to you
Good – afternoon, dear gests
We are glad to see you ! You are welcome !
Sh.2. Hi, my friends
It is just time to start a show
It will be fine! You are welcome to our Englishland.

Вед .1. Знанье свет, а не ученье тьма ! Это истина права. Приглашаем всех ребят, с нами вместе поиграть.

3.Phonetic drill.
1-team. AB- охоту полюби, СД- под кустиком сиди, EF – где то рядом лев !
GHI – ты его поймай, JKL – поймать его сумел !
2-team. MNO – какой чудесный день ! PQRST – его на волю отпусти, UV- и больше не лови, WXYZ – от нас всем привет

1-team . Butterfly, Butterfly –подожди не улетай. Как красиво? Посмотри: вот а flower, вот а tree ! Во дворе a dog , в саду a frog,
Им кричит «кряк – кряк –кряк» желтенькая duck.
Они, как ты и я, просто friends - друзья.

2-team. Нарисую кошку -cat ,подарю ей шляпу- hat , Вот её соседка -mouse ,ну а это её house.У тебя есть мишка –bear .У меня есть зайчик –hear

1-st contest is called –‘’ Golden Balloons’’ Captains must answer the questions
1 What is your name?
2 What is your surname ?
3 Where are you from ?
4. How are you ?
5.How old are you?
6.What do you want to be ?
7.What is your mother ?
8.What subjects do you like ?
9.What is the capital of Kazakhstan ?
10.Where do you live ?

2-nd contest. ‘’ The letters have lost’’ . Pupils should make up the words from the letters.
1-st team. 2-nd team
awret - moro -
lmik- labte -
kobo – rofol -
kocore - ylimaf –

3-rd contest. 1-st team.
Name the days of the week.

2-nd team. Name the months of the year.

4-th contest. In this contest one of you who gathered fewer points will choose one envelope. In these envelope there are two letters: A and B. Will read you 6 questions and all answer will start with the letter A or B.

Letter A. 1. The name of the fruit.
2. The name of the month.
3 A part of the body.
4. The capital of Kazakhstan.
5 .The famous Kazakh writer.
6 .The first letter of the alphabet.