Сайт учителя начальных классов
The form: 4 ‘’G’’
The theme: ‘’This is my nose’’
The aims of the lesson
1) to presentation pupils with the new Grammar structure ‘’These are…’’ This is…’’.
to introduce pupils with the new words.
2) to develop pupils memory, to enlarge their vocabulary and improve hearing sounds, speaking words, reading text and writing tasks habits and skills.
3) to teach pupils to be kind, polite and respect each other, to bring up pupils to be care for their health.
The method: Competition
Visual aids: pictures, mark cards, interactive board, CD disk

The Outline of the lesson
I. Organization moment
a) Greeting
b) To dividing class into 2 groups

1-group is‘’Car’’ It’s a car. It’s a toy. It’s red. We play and drive a car. The boys like cars. This is my car.
2-group is‘’Pen’’ It’s a pen. It’s blue. It’s a school thing. We write with a pen. This is your pen.
II. Checking up homework
Ask the poem ‘’My favourite…’’
Answer the question
1.Мынау менің дөңгелек сары өшіргішім
2. What is this?
3. How old are you?
4. Is it your pencil?
5. What is your favourite toy?
6. Which class are you in?
7. Write numbers till 10
8. Days of the week
9.Менің сүйікті жануарым мысық
10. English alphabet
III. Phonetic drops

IV. Explaining of the new lesson
New words:
My body- менің денем
Hands-қол (білектен төмен)

Plural form
One arm-two arms
One hand-three hands

Grammar structure
This is –мынау (жекекше түрде)
This are –мыналар (көпше түрде)
This is my nose
These are your fingers
V. Doing some task
1. Make plural forms
3. Write correct structure in the sentences
-my face
-my arms
-my nose
-my ears
-my legs
-your rubbers
4. Read the dialog

VI. The end of the lesson
1. Putting mark
Let’s count yours mark cards
P -2
P -5
P -3
2. Giving home work
Learn the new words
Make up sentences
3. Reflection
Put your own opinion
1-I know
2-I don’t know
3- I want to know
The bell has gone. You are free. Bye!