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Theme: “Theatres”

For the 9th form written by the English teacher of the
secondary school №9
Kuvandikova Ainur


Form: 9 “B”
Date: 16.03.2015
Theme: “Theatres”
The aims:
• To introduce and practice new vocabulary
• To develop oral speech of pupils using questions
• to develop thinking and imaginations

The equipment of the lesson: a) Power point, pictures of theatres
b) cards, book

Lesson plan include the following points
I. Motivation – warm up – 5 min
II. Introducing the new theme – 12 min
III. Doing exercises – 8 min
IV. Evolution – 15 min
V. Marking – 2 min
VI. Homework – 2 min
VII. Conclusion – 1 min

I. The beginning of the lesson
a) Greetings:
-Good morning!
-Who is on duty today?
-Who is absent?
-What season is it now?
-What is the weather like today?
-What day is it today?
b)Mark the register.
Interrogation of the homework:
a) to check up homework
b) to make points

II. Introduce the lesson
c) to introduce a new theme
Let's start our lesson. Look at the screen! The theme of our lesson is…

Pupils – T – h – e – a – t – r – e – s – !!!
Teacher – Yes, you are right.
Teacher – When did you go to the theatre last time?
Pupil 1 – ….
Teacher – How often do you go to the theatre?
Pupil 2 – ….
Teacher – What are the most popular theaters in our city? Look at the screen. Have you recognized these theaters?

Pupil 1 – Aktau theatre of music and drama named after N.Zhanturin
Pupil 2 – State Academic theatre of opera and ballet named after Abay.
Teacher – Today we are speaking about theatre. In every country theatre has its own history, traditions and peculiarities. We'll speak about some historical pages and your attitude to the theatre.
Teacher – Now I would like you to refresh in your memory
Well! Let’s speak about The Globe Theatre in London.
The Globe theatre, London
The first permanent theatre in England was established by James Burbage (an actor) and was called just The Theatre.
The Globe is the most famous theatre. It was built by the sons of Burbage in 1599 on the southern shore of the Thames. The Globe especially famous for William Shakespeare's plays that were produced there. The Globe didn’t have a roof and it resembled the inn yard.
Ordinary poor people were standing in front of the stage while the rich enjoyed the performance from the galleries. The scenery of the plays had rich decorations. Most of the costumes were donated by rich patrons. The clothes were always bright and luxurious.
All actors had to know dancing, singing and stage fencing. They also used a lot of improvisation. Famous actors of that time were for example Edward Alleyn and Richard Burbage.

Answer the questions:
• Who was the first theatre established by? __ (James Burbage)
• What makes the Globe the most famous theatre? __ (William Shakespeare)
• How did people watch the performances? __ (Ordinary poor people were standing in front of the stage while the rich enjoyed the performance from the galleries)
• Why were the costumes luxurious? __ (Most of the costumes were donated by rich patrons)
• What did you learn about the actors of the past? __ (All actors had to know dancing, singing and stage fencing. They also used a lot of improvisation)

M.Auezov Kazakh Drama Theatre, Almaty
Kazakh Academic Drama Theater named M.Auezov organized in late 1925 in Kyzyl-Orda.
The theater opened on January 13, 1926 excerpt from the play «Enlik-Köbök» M.Auezov and a great concert. In 1928 the theatre was moved to Almaty. Since 1937 the theater was awarded the academic title, and since 1961 - the name Auezov.
In the early years of the theater directors nominated from the actor's sphere: Shanin, Kozhamkulov, Dzhandarbekov. Above the creation of the first repertory worked writers Auezov, Seifullin, Mailin.In the early period of staged performances, reflecting the establishment of Soviet power: «Red Falcons» Seifullina, «Zarlyk» Uspanova and Uteulina, as well as the life of the old village, the pre-revolutionary life of the Kazakh people: «Karakoz», «Baybishe - Current» Auezov, «Marriage», «Sly Mullah» Mailin, «Malkambay» Erdanaeva, «Torsykbay», «Aidarbek», «Arkalyk-warrior» Shanina.

Answer the questions:
• Where was the theatre organized in late 1925? ____ (in Kyzyl-Orda)
• When was the theatre opened? ____ (on January 13, 1926)
• When was the theatre moved to Almaty? ____ (in 1928)
• When was the theater awarded the academic title? ____ (since 1937)
• When was the theatre awarded the name Auezov? ____ (since 1961)

III. Evalution
a) Doing exercises. Exercise 5 on page 152
A) where actors put on their costumes and make-up ____
cool the area on which the performance takes place ____
C) a line of seats ____
D) a way down from back to front between seats ____
E) an area of downstairs seats _____
F) an area of upstairs seats ____
G) the theatre entrance hall where people meet before going in ____
H) the place where you go or phone to buy tickets ____
I) the whole area out of sight of the audience ____
J) a little private balcony with 3-5 seats only ____

b) Working with new words

It is ….. (dressing room) It is …… (box office)

It is ….. (aisle) It is ….. (row)

It is ….. (stage) It is …. (circle)

It is …. (backstage) It is ….. (box)

It is…… (stalls) It is ….. (foyer)

• Stalls – партердегі орындықтар
• Aisle – орындықтар арасындағы ара қашықтық
• Circle – ярус
• Dressing room - гардероб
• Stage – сақна
• Box office - касса
• Row – қатар
• Backstage – сақна арты
• Box - балкон
• Foyer - фойе

V. Marking: Marking pupils for their activities and abilities.

VI. Homework: Exercise 6 on page 152. Compare the photos and answer the questions.

VII. Conclusion of the lesson: The lesson is over. Good Bye!