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The theme of the lesson:Teenagers and their idols of musicThe aims of the lesson:1) Introducing with Elvis’s biography and creativity, to enrich pupils knowledge about music. 2) To develop pupils skills in reading, speaking and translating 3) To bring up respect and love to music.The type of the lesson:introduction of new themeThe method of the lesson:individual work, group work, question-answers Connection of the lesson:Music, Kazakh, Russian Visual aids:an interactive board
Procedure of the lesson I.Organization moment-Good morning, pupils! - Good morning,teacher! - I’m glad to see you! - We are glad to see you too! -Sit down, please. -Who is on duty today? –Who is absent today? -Today …… is/are absent.(All are present)II. Warm-upLet’s begin our lesson with the saying of famous American writer Henry Longfellow:“Music is the universal language of the world”Now pupils answer my question please!
1)What kind of music do you know? 2)What is your favourite musical instrument? 3)What music do you prefer?
III. Checking up the hometask-What was your hometask for today? - Our hometask was to write about types of music.
IV. New theme:Today we are going to have a talk about famous rock singer Elvis Presley. At first open your copy- books and write down the date and the new theme.
New words:a star [sta:]- жұлдыз a rifle [raifl]- револьвер

poor [puә:]- кедей a truck [tr k]- жүк көлігі influence [influәns]- әсер to move [mu:v]- көшу interrupt [intәr pt]- үзілу record [riko:d]- жазу religious[rilidзәs]- діниV. Elvis Presley:VI. Tasks for the textA)Answer the questions: 1) What was Elvis Presley? 2) When did his Mother buy him a guitar? 3) When did Elvis his first record? 4) When did he join the American Army? 5) Why wasn’t he a success in his late period?
B)Are the statements true (T) or false (F)1) Elvis Presley is the biggest star of the 20th century. 2) He was born in Memphis. 3) Elvis wanted to be an actor. 4) Teenagers loved Elvis and his music. 5) Elvis made his first commercial record in 1954. 6)He hadn’t problems with his health.VII. ElvisPresley video VIII. Match the words with translations:
religious meetings музыка сыншыларыfolk music оркестрлі музыка music critics жүк көлігі жүргізуші teenagers діни жиындар a truck driver халық әндеріorchestral music әсер influence жасөспірімдерIX. Conclusion of the lesson:X. Sing a songXI. Hometask: Ex.3, to learn new wordsXII. Marking pupils:I give you such marks: The lesson is over! Good bye!