My flat

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  • 01/Май/2015
Date: The 31 st of January
Grade: 5 “a”
Theme of the lesson: “My flat”
The aims of the lesson: educational: to speak about rooms of the house or flat and grammar material there is …, there are
up-bringing: to bring interest and to interest pupils in learning English
developing: to develop memory, attention, imagination, speaking and pronunciation habits
Teaching methods: question –response, work in pairs, writing, speaking ,doing crossword, solving riddles, completing
The type of the lesson: mixed
Inter-subject connection: practical grammar, Kazakh language
The equipment of the lesson: Active board, slide-presentation of the lesson, cards.
Literature: T.Ayapova
Almaty “Atamura -2010”

The Procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment
II. Checking up the home task
III. New theme “My Flat”

1. What is the English for кейде?
2. What month is it now?
3. Translate into English «таңғы ас»
4. Translate into English «түйе»
5. Where do elephants come from?
6. What season is it now?

Write down the date and today’s new theme. Open your vocabulary notebooks and write down the new words, then read them aloud.
Living room- тұрғын бөлме
Bedroom- жатын бөлме
Study- жұмыс бөлмесі
Dining room- ас ішетін бөлме
Bathroom-жуынатын бөлме
Kitchen- асхана
Sofa- диван
a toilet
a bedroom
a study

a bathroom rooms in a flat a kitchen

a living room a dining room

III. Reading. Listen to the text, then read it turn by turn and find out our active vocabulary.
-Look ! It’s my house. People on the planet Earth live in houses or in flats . My house has two floors. The top of the houses is called the roof. There are three rooms on each floor of the house : hall, living room and kitchen are downstairs , my room, my parent’s bedroom and bathroom are upstairs. There is a balcony on the second floor too.
-What is a kitchen?
-It’s a place where we eat . Bathroom is a place where we can take a shower, bedroom is a room for sleeping.
-And where can I live?
-I think , you can live in our living room. There is a nice sofa, where you can sleep. Well, let’s come in: I have the keys.
IV. Let’s furnish the rooms of the flat and describe your room
Living room study
Kitchen bedroom
V. Grammar. There is…. There are…. құрылымы
There is a table in the living room.
There is not a table in the living room.
Is there a table in the living room?
There are pictures on the wall.
There are not pictures on the wall.
Are there pictures on the wall?
VI. Writing. Use there is.., there are…
1)…there a table?
Yes, there …
2)… there any chairs? Yes , there ….
3) …. there any carpet? No. there ….
4)…. there a sofa? Yes, there ….
5) …. there any plants? Yes , there ….
YII. Hurry up to see! First read the sentences quickly ,then complete them.
We cook in the kitchen. We cook in the……
We sleep in the bedroom We sleep in the ……
We wash in the bathroom We wash in the ……
We eat in the dining room We eat in the ……..
We read books in the study We read books …….
YIII. Who is the fastest? Let’s solve riddles
1.A room that you sleep in (bedroom)
2. It is one of the most comfortable and biggest room in the house where you usually relax.(living room)
3. A room where you can take a shower or a bath where you can clean your clothes.( bathroom)
4. A room where you prepare and cook food and wash dishes.(kitchen )
5.A room that you can read books, play computer games. ( study)
IX. Home task. Draw a scheme (a plan) of your flat (house)
To learn all the active vocabulary
X. Marks
Dear pupils , you have worked very well. I want to say that you were very active. You have showed your knowledge which you got at the lessons. Our lesson is over. Good-bye!

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