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Fairy – tail «Thumbelina»
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Fairy – tail «Thumbelina»

School-lyceum №50 Tapieva Tattikul Ubaidullaevna Kazakhstan,Astana.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Mother: Thumbelina -Aisha
An old Witch (An Old Wizard) - Alua
Miss. Thumbelina – Aiaru
Mrs. Toad – Aigerim
Mr. Beetle – Maksat
Mrs. Mouse – Galiabanu
Mr. Mole – Arystanbek
Swallow – Sandugash
Mr. Prince – Alibi
Mother: Prince- Madina
Scene 1
Story teller: Once upon a time there was a woman who wanted a little tiny girl very indeed .She went to a nice woman and said
Woman: Hello! My name is Mary. I live in the village nearby. I have a husband, but we are not happy. We don’t have a child. What should I do?
Witch/Wizard: Hello, Mary! I’m an old and clever Witch/Wizard.
Woman: Good morning, Mr. Wizard/ Mrs. Witch
Witch/Wizard: I can help you. I know your dream. ONE, TWO, THREE…

Woman: OH!
Witch/Wizard: Take this seed. Plant it in the flowerpot.
Woman: Oh! Thank you, thank you very much.

Scene 2
Story teller: So the woman took it at home and planted it in a flower pot. Soon it grew into a beautiful flower.
Woman: Here is my flower. Look! It is very beautiful, isn’t it?

Thumbelina: Hello! Are you my mother?
Woman: Yes, yes, I’m your mother and I’m very happy. You are so tiny girl. Not bigger than my thumb.
I’ll call you Thumbelina.
Thumbelina: Oh, my dear Mother, I’m very tired. I want to sleep in my flower bed.
Mother: Good night, my dear!
Dance: Soon (girls)
Scene 3
Mrs. Toad: Good night, everybody! Look at me! I’m a huge old ugly toad. But what can I see? She is a pretty girl! She would be a lovely bride for my Son. I want to take her to my pond.
Thumbelina: Where am I? Where is my Mother? Who are you?
Mrs. Toad: You are in the middle of my pond. My Son wants to marry you!

Thumbelina: Who is your son?
Mrs. Toad: He is a huge green ugly Toad, he is like his Mother!
Thumbelina: Oh, no, no never! I want to go home! I want to see my Mother.
Mrs. Toad: Don’t cry1 don’t worry! We’ll come back soon. See you, my dear!

Thumbelina: (cries) What shall I do? Dear, help me, please!
Dance: On a Road (boys)

Scene 4
Thumbelina: Thank you, dear Butterfly, good-bye!
Mr. Beetle: Hello, my fairy lady! What’s your name?
Thumbelina: Good morning! My name is Thumbelina, I’m a girl. But who are you?
Mr. Beetle: I’m Mr. Beetle. I love you. I love your voice. Sing. (A lot of bugs come)
Beetles: Who is she? She is so ugly! She has only two legs! She has no feelers! She can’t fly and hop!
Dance: Your Beautiful Baby (boys)

Mr. Beetle: Yes, you are very ugly! Go away! Now!
Thumbelina: Bye! (cries and goes away
Scene 5
Thumbelina: It’s very cold and rainy. I’m cold. And I’m wet. I’m very hungry too. I can’t live in the field in winter. What shall I do? Where shall I go?
Mrs. Mouse: Who are you?
Thumbelina: I’m a poor little girl. My name is Thumbelina. In summer I lived in the field, but now it’s very cold!
Mrs. Mouse: I live in the nice warm house. Can you help me with my housework?
Thumbelina: Yes, I can help you with your housework, and I can tell you stories. (The Mole appears)
Mrs. Mouse: Mr. Mole is my neighbour. He lives in the big long dark tunnels and he likes to listen to you stories too.
Thumbelina: Good day, Mr. Mole, nice to meet you!
Mr. Mole: I’m blind, but I can hear well. You are a nice girl with a lovely voice.
Thumbelina: Thank you, Mr. Mole. Thank you, dear Mouse.
Scene 6
Thumbelina: It’s winter now. It’s cold and there is a lot of snow. I live in the house of the Mouse. I work from morning till night. I’m very unhappy. Mr. Mole wants to be my husband. I don’t like him. He’s old. He’s blind. Poor me!
Swallow: Help me! Help me, dear girl!
Thumbelina: What’s wrong with you, dear Swallow?
Swallow: I hurt my wing. I’m cold. I’m hungry. I’m thirsty.
Thumbelina: Oh? I can help you. Here are some seeds for you. Then I have some water in this jar. And you can have my scarf to warm yourself.
Swallow: Thank you, dear girl. And what is your name?
Thumbelina: My name is Thumbelina. Nice to meet you!
Mrs. Mouse: Thumbelina, Thumbelina! Where are you?
Thumbelina: I’m here!
Mrs. Mouse: Mr. Mole has come! He wants to marry you! You are a very happy little girl!
Thumbelina: No! No! I’m very unhappy! I don’t want to marry old blind Mole!
Swallow: I can help you! I’m going to fly to the South. Come with me!
Mouse: No, you can’t do it!
Thumbelina: Yes, I can. Thank you, dear Swallow. Bye, Mrs Mouse! Bye, Mr Mole!
Scene 7
Swallow: Here we are, dear Thumbelina. We live on this beautiful palace, look!
Prince’s mother: Hello! Hello! Welcome back!! But who are you?
Thumbelina: Hello! My name is Thumbelina. My friend, Swallow, brought me to your country. May I live here?
Prince: Nice to meet you, Thumbelina. I’m the Prince of the Flower spirits. I loved you from the first sight! Would you marry me and be the Princess
Prince: And here is my present – your wings!
Dance: Soon (Reprise)

Thumbelina: Oh, Thank you! I’m the happiest girl in the world!
Story teller: Soon, the Prince and Thumbelina got married and lived happily ever after.

The End

Автор: Тапиева Таттигуль Убайдуллақызы

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