Celebrating Holidays

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  • 29/Апр/2015
Precedure of the lesson.
I.Organization moment.
-Good morning,dear students!
-How are you today?
-I am glad to see you.
English is wonderful.English helps you to know Great Britain.
It helps you to know many interesting things about countries and about people.
We like English very much and say: “Learn English every day.”
II.Phonetic drill.
“Pussy-cat”,“Pussy-cat”,where have you been?
I`ve been to London to look at the Queen.
“Pussy-cat”,“Pussy-cat”,what did you do there?
I frightened a little mouse under a chair.
III.New theme
Dear students,please tell me what the word “Holiday” means.
It`s a combination of two words “holy” and “day”.
Slide: British holidays.
T:As you know every country and every nation has it`s own holidays,customs and traditions.
British people are very proud of their traditions,cherish them and carefully keep them up because many of them are associated with the history and cultural development of the country.
IV.Vocabulary work,Listening,speaking and writing.

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